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The Problem with Prospecting & Recruiting on Social Media

Enjoy this blog post by special guest blogger, Ferny Ceballos… This October will mark 11 years (2005) since I entered the network marketing arena and my life took a crazy detour into the world of entrepreneurship, deep personal development and experiencing more negativity than any human should have to endure. The good news is that […]

Why Company Leaders are Secretly Using the Internet for Recruiting, While Telling Their Downline to Keep It “Old School”

Enjoy this blog post by special guest blogger, Ferny Ceballos… For years, the argument from traditional networking leaders against building online has been that they’ve never seen anyone build a BIG business using the internet. They’ve said that the internet isn’t duplicatable and only results in distracting you from your business. They’ve said that so […]

5 Secrets to Effortlessly Attract More Prospects

Enjoy this blog post by guest blogger Tyson Zahner… How would you like to be more attractive? Now, by attractive I don’t necessarily mean “good-looking” attractive. Because, let’s face it, there are lots of things that make someone attractive, beyond just their looks. Instead, I’m talking magnetic quality of attraction that naturally makes folks want to flock […]